Joining the Church

Register with the Parish (Please print and return to the Parish Office)

Lifelong Faith Formation

Faith Formation is a lifelong process!
We know that family schedules can be very busy and hectic, so we offer options. Please review our Faith Formation Options carefully and register your child(ren) in the option that you feel is best for your family to grow in faith and fits best into your family’s schedule. Download registration form here.

Outside of formal Faith Formation classes, parents continue his/ her training in the practice of the faith by attending Mass with your child and bearing witness to the faith by what you say and do. Check out these websites where you will find great information for parents, children, teens and family activities:

What happens in RCIA?

RCIA involves several stages marked by study, discussion, prayer, and special ceremonies. Participants are received into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil Liturgy on Holy Saturday. After Easter there is a period of formation and education when the new Catholics reflect on their experiences at the Easter Vigil and continue to learn more about Scripture, sacraments, church teachings, and how they will serve Christ and the Church.

What happens in RCIA?

Children over seven years of age, who have not been baptized or who have been baptized, but never received in any formal religious education, are received into the Catholic Church through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Children. Parents and children attend the RCIA sessions together. They remain in the same room for the opening prayer. Parents stay with the adult group and children attend a separate meeting in a different room. They come back together at the end of the evening for a closing prayer and refreshments. The children must also complete a full year of religious education in the parish church school. At the Easter Vigil, children who have completed the requirements will be received into the Church.

RCIA in the Lockport Parishes

For additional information on any aspect of Sacramental Life at St. John's, contact The Parish Office at 433-8118.

Outreach Center

See other Outreach Services

The Food Pantry, Diaper Pantry and Clothing Center are open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Noon to 3pm

Sister Helen’s Food Pantry

which is affiliated with the Food Bank of Western New York, distributes food three days a week in addition to special distributions of complete meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Diaper pantry

The Diaper pantry distributes infant care products to eligible households.

The Clothing Center

The Clothing Center distributes new and gently-used clothing, small appliances and household items three days a week.

The Furniture Center

The Furniture Center distributes gently-used furniture, beds, and appliances to people in need of basic home furnishings in Eastern Niagara County.

We are always looking for additional resources including:

New volunteers
Non perishable food products, and infant care products
Clothing in good condition
Furniture basics including- beds, couches, stoves, and refrigerators
Please call us at 433-5252 to learn more