Thank you for your interest in joining our Automated Giving Program!  If you would like more information, check out one of the following documents:

If you are ready to sign up, please keep the following in mind:
  1. This is a monthly gift.  That means you should multiply your normal weekly offering by 4 1/2 to arrive at the monthly amount.
  2. Funds are debited from your checking or savings account on or about the 5th of each month.  While Credit Cards can be used, we encourage you to use a bank account because there is a small fee on our end for Credit Card transactions.
  3. On the signup page, you can enter in all of the amounts you plan to give to special collections during the year.  Those amounts are added to your monthly offering and a single debit will show up on your statement.  The parish then forwards the special collection funds to the organizations that the collections are for.
  4. On the signup page, you will get the following option:

        I want to contribute to St. John the Baptist--Lockport.
        Please transfer $_________   per month from my account as my regular offertory donation.

Please fill that out.  Then IGNORE the option that shows next:
        Special Collection $___________ Make sure this is $0.00

Our Parish has made every special collection a separate item, so you can choose which ones you want to support.  Please indicate the amount you want to give to each of them individually.

Please fill out the following:
        Easter Collection $__________  (March/April).
        Christmas Collection $___________ (December).

Next to each special collection, the month when it will be debited is indicated.

Sign up for ParishPay here .